Be a Merchant

The goal is to accompany your business with an alternative way of collecting payments from your Customers. It’s not just another option but a complementary service that would assist you boost your sales while providing quality customer service.

Partner with us

Let PayPanda minimize work as we team up to maximize your sales.

Illustration of Paypanda Dashboard Illustration of Paypanda Dashboard in Mobile View

Once PayPanda receives pertinent information, we directly send them through a secured link to our Merchants to verify that the Customers have already made the payment. Without the hassle of travelling and queueing plus the guarantee of a safe and reliable payment portal, PayPanda is sure to assist you through a smooth transaction every time.

Monitor your transactions

With PayPanda, you will be able to keep track of all your transactions’ status, dates and more. We generate integrated graphs with filtered date ranges to determine when your business is scaling up.

Reports Generation

No need to worry about manual comparison of income and volume of customer transactions as PayPanda is equipped with a feature that generates reports and analytics for you.

Email Notifications

Maintain your customers ease of mind as we will inform them of the status of their transactions for you. They may conveniently check updates of their payment through their emails.