About Us

PayPanda’s ultimate goal is to deliver quality customer service in this fast-paced environment. We offer this alternative online approach where all goods and services purchased through various eCommerce platforms may now be conveniently settled through our payment portal. We have partnered with numerous banks and non-banks for the ease of both payment by the Customers and collection on the Merchant’s side.


PayPanda aims to accommodate payment transactions in a convenient way that lessens other costly factors for both the Customers and the Merchants.

The Online Payment Portal aims to provide opportunity to business and agencies to cater to more customers through faster processing and to greatly contribute to the community by offering an alternative to making payments.

Automate Your Payments with PayPanda!

The minute Customers place their orders from various online Merchants and all payment information have been accomplished, the collection, authentication and settlement of transactions may be done the next minute with just a few clicks.