Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers regarding with Paypanda's operation that may help you understand more about us.

An Online Payment Portal is a means to automate payment transactions between a Merchant and a Customer. PayPanda will facilitate collection, processing and verification of payments for the Merchant.

Once the Customer checks out of any e-Commerce platform, PayPanda will accept payments through partner banks and non-banks of their choice. When the partner banks and non-banks verify the acquisition of payment, PayPanda will then advise both the Merchant and the Customer of the successful transaction.

PayPanda lets the Customers enjoy the ease of online purchasing and offers an alternative channel for payment transactions while it assists the Merchants for convenient collection and tracking of payments.

PayPanda partnered with banks and non-bank institutions to offer a variety of payment selections that may be most convenient to the Customers. They will be able to choose to pay through online banking and over-the-counter at banks and non-banks.
PayPanda will handle informing the Customer of the status of their payments. Through email, they will be advised whether their transaction is successful, pending or failed.

As is on the Data Privacy Policy of our Online Payment Portal, PayPanda encrypts all data – incoming and outgoing using a 256-bit SSL Certificate to protect them from data hijackers. Also, a digital signature hash is included in every request to and from Merchants and Partners to ensure data integrity.

In addition to SSL and digital signature, IP Filtering, Anti CSRF, Anti SQL Injection, Password Hashing and Anti XSS are the other layers of our security measures.

Automate Your Payments with PayPanda!

The minute Customers place their orders from various online Merchants and all payment information have been accomplished, the collection, authentication and settlement of transactions may be done the next minute with just a few clicks.